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Perfecting your Resume

Anyone can learn how to format a successful resume. Important pointers for Resume Writing include -

Formatting and Presentation

The mediocre resume grabs the attention of the employer for a span of only a few seconds. It is immediately cast aside if it fails to leave a strong impact. Treat your resume with the same amount of care and consideration you will give an interview. Don't treat it with a casual approach.

Choose the right kind of format. If you have relevant experience, use a chronological format. This format begins with your current job and builds backwards. If you are new to the job market or reinventing your career by joining a new industry, use the functional/combinational form of resume. This means assembling your skills and attaching a short chronological work history in the end.

  • Remove Errors - use spell check and get your resume proofed by someone for sentence structure and any other errors.
  • Consistent Format - use of capitalization and punctuation should be maintained throughout.
  • Use of white space to highlight core parts of the resume.
  • Don't use more than 2 fonts.
  • Include of important contact details.
  • Print your resume clearly and use a nice paper.

Accomplishments and Responsibilities

Your accomplishments demonstrate how you managed to perform your responsibilities.

Accomplishments can just be the simple details of what a candidate continually achieved in the course of their job. Many of your common job activities can be specified as accomplishments.

While naming accomplishments, be sure to answer these questions:

  • Did you save company resources?
  • Did you improve the sales?
  • Were you productive and efficient?
  • Were you instrumental in implementing new systems?
  • Did you contribute to new products or services?
  • Did you solve a major issue with little resources?
  • Were you responsible for any technical/operational development?
  • Did you exceed expectations regarding quality?
  • Were you the author of original reports or studies?
  • Did you make a discovery regarding the need for a new program?
  • Were you part of any committees?
  • Did you solve customer issues?
  • Were you termed as outstanding?


The following list is un-necessary when it comes to Resume writing -

  • Speaking about yourself using 'I', 'me' and 'my'.
  • Unnecessary personal information like your age, health, ethnicity and marital status.
  • Inclusion of photographs unless you are an actor/model.
  • Explanations for unemployment periods.
  • Additional documents such as certificates or work samples.
  • Past salary information
  • List of references

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