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Our Guarantee

O&P Recruitment is THE specialist in the advertising and communications industry recruitment.

You will get top caliber professionals who know your market.

Our dedicated staff give you 100% performance in every area of service.

Our state of the art database is customised to meet the requirements and standards of O&P Recruitment and their clients, allowing fast access to a wide range of candidates - vital when organising temporary staff.

Better understanding of your business, full commitment, higher service standards and reduced costs are guaranteed through our preferred supplier arrangements.

Replacement Guarantee

A replacement is offered if the following conditions are adhered to:

  • Payment of the placement invoice is made when a candidate commences employment with the client and no later than seven (7) days from that commencement date.
  • O & P Recruitment has exclusive rights to replace the position and is given an appropriate period to do so i.e. no less than 30 days/1 month.
  • The employee leaves within the guarantee period for reasons other than retrenchment or unwarranted dismissal and O & P Recruitment is
    advised within 14 days of termination or departure.
  • If the salary package is higher on the replacement position, the balance of the fee is due.
  • On all replacements, advertising will be a cost to the client.
  • In the event O & P are unable to replace, a credit towards another placement will apply depending on the circumstances and length of employment. The credit is for one replacement based on exclusivity. The credit must be used within 12 months of the replacement request being lodged.

Note: Where a person referred by O & P Recruitment for interview or in a temporary capacity is hired by the company or any of its divisions, subsidiaries, their clients or associated organisations in a permanent, contract or ongoing capacity within a period of 12 months after the referral, our normal permanent fee/or contract fee is due and payable.


All classified and electronic advertising is included in the permanent placement fee, except where a special fee has been negotiated. In this instance, advertising will be charged back to the client. If display advertising is requested this is also a cost to the client, invoiced by us at cost and payable within seven (7) days of receipt of invoice, regardless of the results of that advertising.


Due to O & P Recruitment’s international contacts and the amount of overseas applicants / travelers wishing to work permanently in Australia, we are able to organise employment sponsorships on behalf of companies. Further information is available on request.


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